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Demand Switch NA7 Gigahertz Solutions



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NA 7 - is the top selling demand switch (suits most situations)

Disconnects voltage directly in the fuse box as long as no electricity is needed.

Size : 35mm x 60mm x 90mm

Weight : 130g

Required space : 35mm

Nominal voltage : 230 VAC + / - 10 %

Capacity 16 A

Residual ripple (nominal / typical / maximum) : < 2 mV / < 4 mV / 8 mV

Demand switches often prove to be the most effective and economical solution for mitigation of EMF pollution in private homes, especially sleeping areas, through electric or magnetic AC fields. Installed in the fuse box, the demand switch automatically interrupts mains when the last light or appliance is switched off within the successive wiring, and automatically turns it back on, when a light or appliance is switched on. Consequently EMF pollution from electric or magnetic LF fields is safely avoided during the most important time of the day - night sleeping time. This is typically the first choice mitigation of professional building biologists.

The NA Demand switch from Gigahertz contains new patented state of the art circuitry.

What is a demand switch ?

It may be helpful to think of a demand switch as an on/off switch for your electricity supply to a circuit. For example, you may have 5 circuits in a house and circuit number 5 is for the lounge. If you are sitting in the lounge and have no appliances or lights on in the lounge the electricity will still be circulating around the wiring in that room so that the electrical field in the room might be 10V/m despite the fact that nothing is being used.

If you'd like to cut the electrical field in that room to zero you can simply install a demand switch on that particular circuit which would prevent electricity from flowing in that room until there was a demand for it.  When an appilance or a light is then switched on in that room the demand switch would kick in automatically. 

The demand switch would therefore reduce the electrical field in that room to zero by stopping the flow of electricity to the circuit in that room. It's a bit like shutting off water to a pipe in a certain area of the house when you have a leak. So the demand switch works by automatically allowing electricity to flow when there is a "demand". So if you flicked the light switch on in the lounge the demand switch would automatically allow electricity through to circuit number 5 in order to supply the power to the light.

One demand switch is needed per circuit that you wish to be able to be shut off when not in use. For persons with electrical sensitivity the bedroom circuit would be a key circuit to apply a demand switch to. 

The situation with kitchens is somewhat tricky in that power is needed to the fridge / freezers at all times, so the kitchen circuit would need to be constantly on. Cookers, ovens and dishwashers however cause a high level of electricity to be sent around the kitchen circuit so it would be good to have this circuit disabled when these things were not in use. The solution for this is that you could simply move the fridges / freezers to another room on a different circuit and then a demand switch could be applied to the kitchen circuit to prevent the radiation from the cooker / oven / dishwasher. 


Demand switches need to be installed by a licensed electrician (installation manual available for download). Installation for this demand switch is straightforward. Only available for 230v - 50/60 Hz networks. One piece is required for each of the separate networks / wirings within the household.  TN-S and 230V phase / 0V neutral power supply required. TT-networks and 115V / 115V systems not suitable.

The NA7 Comfort demand Switch offers easy installtion without complicated adjustments or additions to the existing set up.

The demand switch NA7 will also protect your wiring system in the case of excessive voltage due to a lighning strike in your neighbourhood.

Installation errors are guarded against by the reverse polarity protection - if phase and neutral are accidentally wired the wrong way this will be signallised. 

Further details to be found here: Demand Switch NA7 Manual



1) Most importantly and from the perspective of building biology - the unparalleled and minimum residual ripple of the deman switch.

2) The NA7 demand switch has been awarded the right to bear the VDE mark for approved and certified security.

3) Straighforwrad installation, convenient operation, even with many other electrical devices that are difficult for other products.

4) The NA7 includes a little control light and a net filter in order to reduce dirty power.

5) As a side effect the demand switch protects the respective household wiring through a built - in varistor.

Does a demand switch act as a DE filter ?

Yes. As demand switches cut the live line mechanically by means of a relay there is no conductive spreading of dirty electricity spikes from the outside.


    Works reliably also with dimmers, fluorescent lamps, energy saving lamps, halogen lamps and start-up                  electronics.
    Orientation lights in the light switches and infant night lights also work with disconnected power flow.
    Reverse and excess voltage protected.
    LED light to show disconnected power.
    Residual ripple: < 4 mV.
    LED-supported function diagnose for easy installation and operation.

The NA7 is the TOPSELLER among the demand switches


Effective power:

Nominal voltage / capacity: 16 A, 230 VAC +/- 10%, 2300 watt bulb load. Mechanical operating time of relay: approx. 15,000,000 switching cycles. Single-pole disconnection: for optimum operator protection and minimum residual ripple. A low resistance outlet will allow optimal channeling in the case of overcouplings.



< 2 mV / < 4 mV / < 8 mV (nominal/typical/maximum) Surveillance voltage: DC voltage (230 VDC, max. 8 mA) uncritical with regard to the building biology standards.


Demand Switch NA7 Gigahertz Solutions

Demand Switch NA7 Gigahertz Solutions

NA 7 - is the top selling demand switch (suits most situations)

Disconnects voltage directly in the fuse box as long as no electricity is needed.

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