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Commercial Shielding Installation


1.  Data Security and Hacking Prevention
Many companies have not considered the issue of data security and hacking using physical EMF shielding. Whilst companies spend substantial sums on Anti-Virus ad Firewalls, it is possible for an organisation to lose control of all company data and intellectual property within minutes if the premises is not electromagnetically shielded. At the present time only national security organisations and a handful of private companies have taken these steps.
EMF Shielding are specialists in advising companies how to protect themselves from Data Theft and hacking. Without EMF shielding of a specific level it is possible to comprise the data integrity of an entire organisation within minutes.  Call on +61 (0) 730 884 310 or email us now at to discuss Corporate Data Security requirements.
2.  Shielding of sensitive Equipment
Sensitive equipment such as that used in operating theatres and intensive care units can be compromised by Electromagnetic radiation. EMF Shielding is able to advise and provide solutions for clinics, hospitals and dental surgeries on shielding of various electromagnetically sensitive equipment. Call on +61 (0) 730 884 310 or email us now at to discuss equipment shielding requirements.
3.  Shielding of Personnel
The use of X-rays and EMF in Dental surgeries, clinics and hospitals can cause personnel to be exposed to high levels of radiation.  EMF Shielding is able to advise and provide solutions for clinics, hospitals, dental surgeries, schools and universities on shielding of personnel. Call on +61 (0) 730 884 310 or email us now at to discuss personnel shielding requirements.
EMF Shielding UK has a network of approved installers across the UK and Ireland. All our installers are trained to install our EMF and X-Ray Shielding products. To find an installer in your area click here

Commercial Shielding Installation

Commercial shielding Installation of X-Ray and Electromagnetic radiation (Radio and micro waves) is an extremely complex science and is dependent upon many variables.  Whilst many organisations  decide to buy shielding products and have staff undertake the job themselves, we recommend commissioning a site-survey by one of our approved Surveyors in order to ascertain the extent of the problem and recommend appropriate solutions. To make a survey enquiry or to book a survey please click here.

To conduct your EMF survey we recommend purchasing a good EMF meter first. To find the right meter click here

We do not recommend that companies conduct their own X-Ray surveys under any circumstances.  

Once the survey has been completed and appropriate recommendations made, we recommend using an approved shielding installation expert to carry out the work. Our list of approved installers can be found here

Warning: Shielding installations can involve work that is required to meet electrical or other safety regulations. Work carried out by non-qualified persons may affect a company’s insurance policy or/and compromise safety. We recommend using an approved installer


Shielding Materials

High quality shielding materials are not cheap, and it is therefore important not to make mistakes and incur unnecessary financial losses and lost time by buying and installing the wrong types of materials that do not provide adequate shielding. Moreover once installed it can be expensive to remove materials such as paint or wallpaper. To purchase shielding materials click here
For information or help in choosing the right product for your particular circumstance please contact us

Read or download our free EMF Shielding guide.

Disclaimer: EMF Shielding products are designed and manufactured to minimise exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). There are however many environmental, medical and genetic, factors that cause health effects, failed pregnancies or birth defects or environmental issues. EMF Shielding Ltd and its agents and distributors specifically disclaim any and all responsibility for any health effects, failed pregnancy, birth defects, any other adverse outcome or any health effect that may occur, eventuate, manifest or transpire at any time subsequent to installation of EMF Shielding products.