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“EMR Assessments / Meter Hire”


EMF Shielding Australia offers meter hire for customers not wanting to purchase a meter or customers wanting to try out a meter before purchasing one. 

You may have a specific shielding project in mind that you would like to take readings for (before and after), or you may just want to take readings around your home or workplace to get an idea of what type of radiation is present before you make any decisions about shielding. Using a meter around your home or workplace can help you determine the source of the radiation you are concerned about and also what type it is and how strong it is – all important things to know if you are wanting to shield or make a decision about where to position your desk/ bed etc. 

You may also be wanting to assess a proposed location for a building project, living space or work space or measure whether the high voltage power lines or substations near a property are far enough way for you to not have to be concerned about them.

Meters are hired out for a 4 or 7 day period – enough time to take all the measurements you need and at different times of the day. The EMFs you are measuring will vary according to the different sources being used at different times and at different strengths. Phone towers and smart meters change their EMF output at different times of the day.

With the information your meter provides EMF Shielding Australia consultants can then help you understand what your shielding requirements are, via email or phone call.


About our hire meter – The Envionic FA735

The Envionic FA735 device is very easy to use – you don’t need to be an expert or have an expert knowledge of electromagnetics to use it and understand the readings.  It is an excellent all-in-one meter that measures HF /RF, LF electrical and magnetic fields. It has a large range for HF /RF of 300 MhZ – 6 GHz. The device has a graphic LCD screen which shows BOTH the frequency and strength of the RF field in a little graph. The pulses of pulsed RF radiation can be seen on the screen and you can listen to these pulses through the built in speaker. The LF fields are also audible on the speaker and their wave form is visible on the screen.

The device measures the radiation coming from wireless sources (wifi, mobile phones, ipads, laptops, cordless phones, wireless baby monitors, microwave ovens, NBN transmitters etc) as well as magnetic fields (power lines, transformers, meter boxes, electrical appliances, solar heating panels, conductive wiring, conductive water pipes etc.)

Recommended levels for exposure are included in the manual.

The consultants at EMF Shielding Australia can support you in using the meter for your own specific purpose.

The specifications of the FA735 can be found at


Procedure for hiring a meter

Please phone the order line on 0730854310. A consultant will take your details and book you in for meter hire according to when the next meter is expected to be available. We will take your credit card details over the phone and take the payment at that time. We will retain your credit card details as security against late return or non-return. If you could like to use the meter at a particular time in the future it is a good idea to book in advance.

EMF Shielding Australia does not guarantee that a hire meter will be available on the exact days arranged, as factors beyond our control may occur to alter the availability – for example damage to meters, late return of meters, weather conditions affecting courier transport.



You have the option of hiring a meter for 7 days or 4 days.  Day 1 is the day that the meter is delivered to a PO Box or a residential/ office address.  You should have the meter collected by the courier for return at the latest on the 7th / 4th day after it was received (including the day it was delivered.)

7 days - $210 + outbound courier including insurance.

4 days -$140 + outbound courier including insurance..

We will send you your hire meter by TNT and provide tracking details. 

Before your hire meter is sent out to you we require for you to download our Hire Meter Agreement Form and return it to us filled in and signed.

It is expected that you will take good care of the meter when it is in your possession and return the equipment on time or pay a fee for repair or additional hire charge.


Terms and conditions of meter hire

         *The hire period is 7 or 4 days.  Day 1 is the day that the meter is delivered to a PO Box or residential address. Day 7/4 is the latest day you can have the meter collected by the courier for return.

         *Payment will be taken at the time of your booking, using a credit card. Your credit card details will be retained for security purposes to be used in the event of late return, non-return or damage to the meter or antennae.

         *The late fee is $20 a day, to be billed directly to the hirer’s credit card. If the meter is not returned within a month the hirer will incur the cost of a replacement meter and case, plus a $20 administrative fee billed directly to the hirer’s credit card.

         *The hirer agrees to handle the meter and antennae with good care during the hire period and to store them in the case when not in use.

        *The hirer agrees to return the meter by TNT with the return packaging supplied with the meter.

         *The hirer agrees to return the meter and antennae in good condition. If there is any damage to the meter/ antennae EMF Shielding Australia has the right to charge the hirer for the replacement cost of the meter and or antennae as well as a $20 administrative fee.

         *The hirer agrees not to undertake any repairs on the meter or antennae and to advise EMF Shielding Australia immediately if any repairs are needed. The meters and antennas are inspected for condition before being sent out.

         *The hirer should understand that the hire meters are intended for personal use only and not to be loaned to any else during the hire period.

         *The hirer should accept that the meter may have a small degree of inaccuracy and is not to be used for legal, medical or certification services. The meter is intended to provide guidance for exposure levels.

         *The hirer accepts complete responsibility for any injury or loss resulting from the use of the meter and agrees to indemnify EMF Shielding Australia against all claims relating to such injury or loss.